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Internship f/m – Continuous Delivery tooling & observability / C# REST API

Internship f/m – Continuous Delivery tooling & observability / C# REST API
by Admin on 05-15-2023 at 4:11 pm

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Key Duties and Responsibilities 

As intern, you will be part of the AVx Platform team which is responsible to develop & deliver internal components & tooling to ease other R&D teams daily work. The goal of this internship is to develop services allowing to :

  • Dynamically gather needed information from our systems to compute teams metrics like ‘lead time’, ‘delivery frequencies’, ‘mean time to restore’, ‘change failure rate’… and expose them with dynamic live updates.
  • Improve our internal middleware & tools capabilities allowing software code analysis & inspections. This could be capabilities to improve live auto generation of changelogs, release notes, documentation, or improve third Parties analysis reports for multiple package management support (C++, C#, JS, python ones…) including licensing & vulnerabilities analysis, or even Pull Request guards policies checks…
  • In those 2 above majors developments categories, we’ll have opportunity to gather & manipulate many data which could be coupled to Artificial Intelligence in order to have better comprehensive view of our continuous delivery maturity (Have we split enough the work to do ? Have we under or over evaluated an estimation ? Which tests coverage confidence do we have on our ‘critical paths’ API ?…).

Preferred Qualifications and Skills  

  • You already know software engineering practices with OOP languages like C++, C# (preferred), Java.
  • You have scripting knowledge & experience (like bash, powershell or python…).
  • You have knowledge about AI usage (but also for training phase).
  • You know (or at least are curious) about the Microsoft Azure Devops (or similar platforms like JIRA, GitHub…) way of working and API.
  • You have knowledge in software architecture and infrastructure (design patterns, 3rdParties package managements like nuget, npm or conan…).
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