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Automation Python Engineer

Automation Python Engineer
by Admin on 01-17-2023 at 9:13 pm

Website Codasip

Codasip is a fast-growing startup (there are already 125 of us) based in Brno and with offices in Germany, UK, France, USA and China, which develops its own tools for digital processor design. In addition, we develop processor cores ourselves for global customers (such as Analogix, Sigma Designs and others) and work with global giant Western Digital on the first physically available open-source HW called SweRV. We develop chips for modems, cameras or drones up to such tweaks as machine learning and neural networks. Everything is based on the latest open RISC-V instruction set, which is our uniqueness and competitive advantage. Are you interested in the world of IoT? With us and as a SW developer, you can see and live the future of HW development and work today with technologies of tomorrow.

Our flagship, Codasip Studio, is a unique set of EDA tools for quick and convenient CPU core modifications. The Studio can automatically generate all the necessary tools (such as compiler, simulator, debugger, etc.) and thus allows you to create new processor cores and customize existing ones. This world-unique set of tools using the open instruction set (RISC-V) is used not only by our customers but also by our own R&D while designing processor IPs. And what do we really want to achieve at Codasip Studio? Nothing less than the new standard of RISC-V chips and processors, which will become a competitor to ARM.

Codasip Studio offers a wide range of tools that make the development of processor cores easier. Since Python is our favourite programming language, we wrote an environment for orchestrating these instruments in it. We also use Python for building our packages, testing and automating.

We create automation for configurations, testing etc. to ensure increased capacity and efficiency. We are looking for an independent Senior Python Developer who can restructure the automation layer currently  used in the embedded teams development and implement new packages for support and integration. As you would be the only Python Developer on the team, you would be responsible for implementing the requirements of the embedded team.

And now the most important; what would you be in charge of?

Primarily development and maintenance:

  • Restructuring of the build system
  • Generating an environment for testing processor cores
  • Build support and integration packages into automation tool

The key experiences or knowledge important for this role are:

  • Python – ideally 3, but 2 is not a problem either
  • Pytest
  • English (communicative level)

We very much welcome this experience or knowledge:

  • Git
  • automatic building
  • CI/CD tools
  • Jenkins
  • orchestration instruments – Docker
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