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What are TSM's Plans for lower end chips?

Yes, and that's the 22-28nm capex (for the Kumamoto fab), because that's what TSMC considers "mature".

It's not more cars, it's more electronics in the cars. I don't think the worldwide # of cars is going up except maybe in China and India --- USA car sales are pretty much level over the last 40 years with some fluctuations (between 12.5 million and 17.5 million vehicles per month) dependent on the economy, and a short sharp dip in early 2020 with COVID --- see from the St. Louis Federal Reserve.

And honestly this was a disaster waiting to happen, with 200mm capacity getting more and more heavily utilized and automotive electronics growing by around 10-12% on average per year since around 2011. (see IC Insights bulletins, although Bill McClean has taken all that information off his site since he retired and sold the works to TechInsights. :-( ) Presumably 300mm capacity in 40nm and larger nodes has had similar increases in utilization but nobody breaks down those numbers beyond TSMC's/UMC's revenue-by-node disclosures in their quarterly reports.

At the risk of exposing my own flaws: I have written an article on the state of the automotive chip shortage which is what I have been able to gather about the situation from various published documents. You probably have a LOT more intuition than I do w/r/t the foundries, not to mention the scuttlebutt from customers; I have no idea who to talk to who would be willing/able to shed more light on the situation. I wish TSMC were more forthcoming about the 40-90nm range; there are a lot of MCU makers that depend on TSMC. I guess one of my conclusions is that there are some very unintuitive phenomena going on in the last few years.
Yes. The last report shows that the 100 million number for consumer vehicles will not be reached for several years to come and we are staying stagnant at around the 80 million/year mark. However, as you rightly pointed out, the increase in semi content in a car is significant were it will likely double even for EVs with L2 automation and when we get to L3+, it will likely double again. The move to leading edge technology nodes for the car driven by GPUs & high end memory is real too.