Riscure Hybrid Workshop 2020 – Embedded Security via Webcasting & Offline

Welcome to the two (2) day,  13th Annual Hybrid Riscure workshop on September 3 & 4th 2020. The event is will focus on topics relevant to embedded security. The delivery of the event will be webcast live to the public via registered attendees only and will have a private by invite only offline workshop (max …


Microelectronics: Foundations and Futures Executive Course

Virtual Santa Clara, Santa Clara, United States

See an up-to-date speaker and session list: https://www.potomacinstitute.org/events/education Apply online: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe9-x4EOavTiqdUJ_xv7Fe-7siZmTUDnWFBtsyY9KF3juW5eg/viewform From semiconductor shortages to malign microchip actors to overseas dependencies, we face a host of challenging obstacles for this vital industry. How have we gotten here? Where are we going? Why do we need reform now? Find the answers to all this and more in …