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yieldHUB and Sofant Technologies announce collaboration


Staff member

[Limerick/September 29] - As yieldHUB continues to gain global recognition in the semiconductor industry, the yield management company recently shared another positive update - Sofant Technologies has joined them as a valued customer.

Based in Edinburgh, the mobile satellite communication company provides phased array antenna products across a wide range of airborne, land and sea applications. This includes in-flight connectivity (IFC) and maritime communications, plus communications on the move (COTM) for military and commercial applications.

The new partnership between the two companies will combine strengths and expertise to deliver further advancements in the industry.

VP of Operations Gary Morton said yieldHUB will help Sofant Technologies to reduce yield loss, identify and mitigate potential quality risks and improve product performance.

“Having been aware of yieldHUB and its capability for more than 15 years in previous roles, I never had the opportunity to engage for a variety of logistical and timing reasons so it was great to finally get a chance to evaluate the product and ultimately, select yieldHUB as the primary yield analysis partner for Sofant,” Mr Morton said.

“Not only do we see the value in the current product for supporting wafer probe, final test, characterization and qualification of our IC’s but we also see huge potential to develop the yieldHUB product to support our chiplet module test, RF and OTA (over the air) array testing at a sat comm terminal level.”

Further, Mr Morton stated: “We are not a standard semiconductor company and so it has been a huge positive to see the completely open-minded approach from the yieldHUB team in understanding our requirements both initially and as the company scales up.

“The flexibility of yieldHUB as an analysis platform allows Sofant to clearly monitor the performance of all key components of the final product as we mature into volume production.

yieldHUB also allows Sofant to demonstrate the required performance date very easily and clearly to our customers.”

yieldHUB Founder and CEO John O’Donnell thanked Sofant Technologies for its trust in yieldHUB.

"yieldHUB is delighted that Sofant has come on board as a customer. Sofant is on its way to revolutionizing satellite communications and our cloud-based analytics platform will help their engineers release robust and high-yielding products in a cost-effective manner.”

About yieldHUB

yieldHUB’s headquarters are based in Limerick, Ireland with employees and customers located around the world. Since 2005, yieldHUB has helped semiconductor companies to improve yields, reduce scrap and get to market faster. Its state-of-the-art yield management software offers flexibility with cloud technology, advanced data security, unmatched speed and cutting edge capabilities. yieldHUB’s eponymous platform provides solutions all the way from new production introduction to full-scale production. Advanced tools are available for automotive, aerospace, photonics and image sensors.

For more details visit

About Sofant Technologies

Whether you are on the ground, at sea or in the air, Sofant’s technology offers industry-leading size, weight, power consumption and cost (SWAP-C). Sofant Technologies is shaping the future of wireless communications by enabling connectivity wherever you are. Features include:

● High performance, passively cooled

● Fast beam switching

● Enables multi-beam, multi-orbit connectivity across LEO, MEO and GEO networks

● Engineered for high-volume manufacture ensuring scalability and low cost

● Designed to perform in the most extreme environments

● Rapid customization enabled by modular engineering

For more details visit

For media inquiries, please contact yieldHUB’s communications team at:

Link to Press Release