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Would you report to a Robo?

Pawan Fangaria

New member
It's not too far, you would discover that your new boss is a Robot, you can call it Cobot to sound better.

Gartner says that by 2018 more than 3 million workers will be supervised by "robo bosses". The Robo will be able to observe you, recognize things and faces, and make decisions for you! The number of robos will keep growing, replacing humans.

View attachment 16657

One of the Gartner reports on future trends such as this is HERE.

An interesting question comes to my mind, what if the Robot/Cobot is hacked?
Nice find for a good controversial topic Pawan!

Robot bosses sounds like a bit of a stretch, especially for year after next. First, what is a robot? I can see selecting servers based on various types and I could see that being algorithmically optimized, somewhat, but why does that need an autonomous machine? Checks could be performed through on-line tests and even observation of behaviors (though again 2018 seems extremely optimistic for even deep reasoning to advance that far). I suppose if the definition of robots is stretched to include vision (and maybe audio) enabled computers (no need for moving parts), I could see this being possible eventually but definitely not by 2018. Simply recognizing a face is about as far as they can go today. Recognizing and sorting behaviors would presumably be much harder.

I think Gartner is angling for clicks over substance..

Pawan Fangaria

New member
I agree Bernard. I was surprised too seeing this report - Robo bosses supervising 3 million workers by 2018! But seeing the kind of intelligence in this world, who knows? I'm still wondering which region will come first for this kind of work culture.