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Worldwide Fabs



Hi all,

I searched the forum backlog for this, but couldn't find much.

I'm looking for general stats about the number of existing fabs (worldwide) split up by semi, solar, LED, etc. I know puts out quarterly reports on this stuff, but they're way too pricey for me as a single user!

Any info is appreciated and I look forward to getting more involved here.

Great! Thanks, Daniel.

I notice you're in OR -- I did my graduate studies at UO in Eugene. That being said, I hope you get a few sunny days this winter!
In Oregon I've made peace with the weather by expecting that from November thru February there will be NO sunshine, then when I do experience 5 minutes of sunshine in a single day I feel elated. Here in the Silicon Forest we know that long winters make for better software development because there are fewer outside distractions.