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World Wide Solutions Platform Needed

Arthur Hanson

Active member
What is needed in this pandemic crisis is a world wide solutions platform to help coordination and collaboration to reach solutions to the numerous challenges the coronavirus pandemic has created in the most cost efficient, timely manner. Never has such a wide range of challenges been put before the world in that the pandemic has impact on just about every aspect of everyone's lives. There almost isn't one aspect of our lives this pandemic does not touch and wringing out every efficiency in time, cost and implementation is critical in lives and treasure. A platform of this type once set up could lead to huge dividends in the future in more ways than most could even imagine. It must be set up to be results oriented and independent of the United Nations that has a best delivered mediocre results. This is one opportunity to unify the world and speed progress for all across many aspects of our lives and prevent future catastrophes before they get out of hand. The major tech players of the world are in best position to build this creation and implement it. In this way we could actually convert this crisis to something although costly now, actually becomes a wise investment if we choose to make it so. Rarely has everyone in the world wanted a single problem solved, let's not waste this opportunity to advance everything from health, economics, medical, transport and everything else with a chance to reduce military action around the world. Of all the places in the world to start this transition, Silicon Valley holds the keys. If we could match the speed of compounding of this virus with solutions to all challenges the outcome could be a world changing wise investment.

Comments, thoughts and solutions solicited and welcome.