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Will Nano Degrees combined with Platforms Revolutionize Education/Training

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
With the amount of knowledge increasing at an ever-increasing rate and having a shorter and shorter half-life will nano degrees combined with platforms developed by the best and the brightest replace our current education and training systems. Having the best and the brightest build platforms made possible by ever-improving AI and ML chips combined with ever better memory leverage themselves worldwide on an ongoing basis make the current systems of education and training obsolete, too slow-moving, and too expensive? The accelerating pace of change powered by evermore information and knowledge that semis have made possible is calling for massive change in just about everything we interact with. Any thoughts on coming changes, their timelines and structure would be appreciated. The current system is rapidly becoming more obsolete every day.


Active member
I am pessimistic.

Many nation scale challenges. Nation's best brains are channelled into bond peddler (wall st.,) or advertising salesment (dotcoms) careers. This is hard to reverse.

Semi simply has extremely low salaries, even in North America, and worse in Asia.

When was just trying the waters in the industry, a salary of an entry level device RnD person was less than $30k a year in Singapore, or Taiwan. And this position was considered a lucky pick for PhD/postdoc level talent.

My story . I have since changed jobs, but otherwise, on the same path. The industry in China is preparing for a massive exodus, either to South, or South East Asia, and I am too.
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