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When will the Smart Phone, become critical to Good Health

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
With the health becoming an overriding concern due to quality of life and staggering financial costs, the smart phone with sensors offers the fastest, most inexpensive ways of monitoring health with the ability to offer recommendations in real time with alerts. I feel this will be the next big consumer area with a huge financial impact on the industry. Although this will raise costs, it is dramatically cheaper than the alternative. This will be the next frontier for semis going into a mega market worldwide. If you look at how much time and resources healthcare worldwide consumes directly and through lower productivity and quality of life, these will become huge selling points. This will make the smart phone ecosystem not a cost, but a very wise investment. Apple will be a leader in this area and everyone will follow for they will have no choice. This is already happening with diet, exercise and monitoring, but still in its very early infancy compared to where it can go. This will become an entire complex ecosystem that will change our entire view of health and healthcare while creating a revolution how current and future health ecosystems are created and expanded.
Any thoughts, comments or additions sought and welcome, including its impact on the tech sector and especially semis.