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What will be the top ten advances in the Semi ecosystem?

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
With the pace of change speeding up and semis becoming literally integrated more and more into every facet of our lives, occupations, governments, and social structures, what will be the next major advances in the semi world from EDA to fabrication methods to MEMS and all other areas including new applications of the semi world. There are going to be numerous changes but as an investor, I'm looking for what readers think the top ten will be. Are there any that anyone sees coming totally out of left-field or unexpected? Any thoughts, comments, or elaborations would be appreciated. Just some of the examples I see are computer-controlled intelligent HVAC systems that take weather reports, thermal mass, occupancy, and other factors in giving these systems intelligence. Giving intelligence to so many of the dumb areas we currently have presents large new opportunities for semis as costs come down.

Areas of Interest, EDA, MEMS, fabrication structures, materials, applications, entirely new ecosystems


Active member
AI in manufacturing
Clouds and sharing of data. Videogames as a social thing is one thing but spending your life as out-of-touch in the world is another.
Quantum computing.
Quantum manufacturing.
Quantum technologies in travel.
AI in the service sector.