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Wafer manufacturer Siltronic opens $2.9b facility in Singapore


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SINGAPORE – A German firm that supplies semiconductor equipment officially opened a $2.9 billion advanced manufacturing facility here on June 12.

The 150,000 sq m factory in Tampines – Siltronic’s third production plant in Singapore – produces silicon wafers for semiconductors, which are used in mobile devices, electric vehicles and data centres.

The plant, which is expected to produce up to 100,000 wafers a month by the end of 2024, has introduced what is called silicon wafer epitaxy capabilities to Singapore for the first time. Epitaxy is a technology used to boost a wafer’s electrical conductivity.

Siltronic said the plant has 300 employees but this is expected to hit 600 by 2028, with roles ranging from engineers to information technology specialists.

Chief executive Michael Heckmeier said on June 12 that trends such as artificial intelligence (AI) and digitalisation are driving the growing demand for semiconductors.

He also told The Straits Times: “Singapore is a great place in terms of customer proximity... There is also a good workforce and stable infrastructure here.”

The facility will receive more investment in the coming years, Dr Heckmeier added.

Siltronic initially set up here in 1997 and began producing 200mm wafers in 1999. It partnered with Korean tech giant Samsung in 2006 to manufacture 300mm wafers at a second facility. The new plant will also make 300mm wafers.
$2.9Bn [SGD] gets you 300 rising to 600 new jobs!

Its going to cost a lot of money to employ everyone in the future!

What is a genuine answer?