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Video-over-IP Systems Leverage Samtec Flyover® Technology


Staff member
December 22, 2020 By Matt Burns

Next-gen video broadcast and Pro AV systems are increasingly becoming IP-based systems. Video-over-IP and Video-over-Ethernet both leverage economies of scale of packet-based systems in the data center.
Video-over-IP systems typically use FPGAs and SoC as the main processing unit. FPGAs and SoCs solve many problems that legacy CPU-based systems can’t. In general, they are higher-performing, lower-power and more efficient at the system level
Video broadcast and Pro AV systems must interface and support multiple video and audio standards including composite, analog and digital. Additional audio standards also need addressed. The flexibility and configurability of FPGAs eases the process of bridging the legacy analog and digital divide

The IP Processing Platform from EVS Media Infrastructure – Neuron

Over 30+ years, Netherlands-based EVS Media Infrastructure has provided broadcasters, network operators and service providers broadcast platforms critical to their success. Their global footprint and commitment to technical excellence via R+D make them a leader in broadcast network infrastructure.

EVS Broadcast Equipment has had a front row seat to the changes occurring on the industry. Analog video transmission has given way to digital video transmission. Multiple generations of SDI cram as much data and signal through coaxial cable as possible. Increasingly, video broadcast and Pro AV systems are running over Ethernet cables.

Broadcasting video over IP or Ethernet poses a challenge. There aren’t many standards defined within the industry. Proprietary solutions can work, but interoperability can be a concern. Broadcast network infrastructure provided like EVS Media Infrastructure need flexibility, adaptability and scaling on in their solutions.

Converting from SDI to IP requires traditional signals to bridge the analog digital divide. Enter the FPGA. EVS Media Infrastructure now leverages the configurability and performance on their next-gen Neuron Network Attached Processor (NAP).

Neuron is a compact, modular hardware platform targeting IP processing. It supports IP multi-viewing, video processing, IP monitoring. It does this in a footprint 1/6 size and with 40% less power than competing solutions.

Peter Schut, SVP Media Infrastructure at EVS Broadcast Equipment, details additional technical details in the following video.

Samtec Twinax Flyover Eases High-Speed Signal Routing​

Next-gen video-over-IP systems require high-performance signals routed throughout the video broadcast infrastructure. Similar to data center servers, switches and storage applications, getting signals from front-panel to the FPGA/ASIC posed a challenge.


Samtec Flyover® Technology can help extend signal reach and density to achieve next gen speeds by routing signals via ultra-low skew twinax cable versus legacy PCB-based designs. ®

Samtec’s proprietary co-extruded Eye Speed® twinax cable technology eliminates the performance limitations and inconsistencies traditional twinax cabling. The results include improved signal integrity, bandwidth and reach for video-over-IP systems.
Please download the High-Speed Cable Interconnect Solutions Guide for more information. Contact Samtec’s technical experts at to discuss specific applications.