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TSMC to Change the World Again

Arthur Hanson

Active member
TSMC has changed the world with a comprehensive semi/mems fabrication state of the art foundry ecosystem including not only TSMC itself, but an entire ecosystem comprised of numerous suppliers and long term customers. This has literally changed our entire world and now with the addition of extremely large format semis, is about to make even greater changes. The Cerebras chip but the latest example of a large format chip that will usher in a whole new generation of semis that will have an ever greater impact on almost all corners of our world. Morris Chang clearly stated it was not just TSMC itself, but building an entire ecosystem that was needed to bring on the dramatic changes we have already seen. As large format chips come on line we will see even more dramatic social, political and financial changes greater than all previous changes combined. This is going to a momentous task with as many dangers as promise. The more power there is, by definition the more danger there is. With the SemiWiki community members of all phases of the industry, it will be up to us to manage these changes for the maximum benefit in helping the largest number of people reach their maximum potential as possible. The dangers of concentration of wealth and power have been proven time and time again throughout history. The coming large chips that will enable AI/ML will have the potential of providing the most benefit of any creation man has ever made in our brief history on this planet and in the near future off planet. These opportunities are far to great to be left to random chance and of any company that I have studied and invested in, I can think of none better than TSMC and the philosophy of its founder Morris Chang. Daniel Nenni and I first met because of our involvement with TSMC, Daniel as a technologist and myself as an investor and I have always been impressed with TSMC and their ecosystem of employees, suppliers, customers and investors. I have held a significant part of my portfolio in TSMC for over twenty years. We are about to see changes that we haven't yet even imagined.

The radically larger format chip could be a major disruptor in giving the data centers even more market share in computational power especially when combined with the density and speed of 3dXpoint or possibly Crossbar memory. Together these technologies combined with other advanced interface technologies could change the whole face and structure of the compute and data center industries. The opportunity to radically lower the cost of computational power yet again by several factors with the AI/ML as a service will impact everything and require almost all business models in other businesses endeavors to change radically. Just two areas that are in desperate need of change are medical and education have largely resisted the power of technology to reduce costs and improve quality. We will have the chance to see the very structure of many industries and businesses radically altered in ways we haven't even imagined, including the tech industry itself. These developments will also have the power to disrupt both our government and social structures. The increase in power, storage, versatility and sharply reduced costs will literally force us to rethink everything as 5G and IOT will be coming at the same time as these developments. I could go on, but the combination AI/ML/5G/IOT combined with whole new generations of automation brought on by this are going to change the world in ways few if any have imagined, let alone comprehend.

One thing I am glad to see, it that a firm with the reputation and integrity of TSMC will be the early key player in this massive disruption. Few firms I know of can command and deserve the respect that TSMC has carefully nurtured and crafted over the many years and have the wisdom to foster cooperation to advance technologies to the benefit of everyone involved. Hats off to Morris Chang for his creation.

I see this development as putting the "Great Acceleration" on steroids as AI/ML speed of the discovery, development and distribution of technologies and services faster than ever before.

Any further thoughts, comments or additions solicited and welcome.
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Daniel Nenni

Staff member
TSMC is an amazing company, absolutely. No pivots, straight on strategy, fabless semiconductor ecosystem collaboration at its finest, absolutely.