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TSM Revolutionizing Ultrasound Chip

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
TSM is revolutionizing ultrasound by making a low cost ultrasound chip and this is just the beginning for other chips are enabling ultrasound to make 3D images like an MRI at a small fraction of the cost. I was unable to find who makes this chip. It's obvious special interests in US medical are trying to keep costs high. The feeling out there is much medical will be done over the wire with low cost devices for the home as we are seeing in more and more areas like blood pressure, oximeters, blood sugar, electrocardiogram and many more low cost devices on the way. I suspect Apple will be the big winner in this and is well on their way with projects that have been advancing for years. US medical at 37th in quality with the world's highest cost consuming twenty cents of every dollar is beyond ripe for disruption.



New technology won't fix the problems with US medicare, it'll still be stupidly costly with poor outcomes and coverage for lots of people and still way down the world list.

What it needs a rethink of how healthcare is run and financed and regulated, but this will only happen over the dead bodies of the vested interests who make so much money out of it today...


New member
Agreed that there are so much more structural issues to the US medical system than a lack of tech.

It's a cool and useful device, but it's no silver bullet.

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
US medical has little to do with quality care, it's all about money and the fact that the US ranks 37th in quality at the world's highest cost, speaks to the extremely serious problems it's causing to the point it may destroy the country. US medical now consumes 20% of every single dollar. This alone is enough to destroy our competitive edge. It's especially sad, because our tech sector leads the world in medical technology, but special interests rule and then call themselves heroes. When ever any group declares themselves heroes, look out and keep your eyes open and watch you pocket book. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


New member
I think it could be bigger than medical imaging. The chips can possibly be used for wireless powering implantable devices for localized therapies. Ultrasound can be a more efficient way of wirelessly powering those devices at longer transmission distance.