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TSM and Omnivision, Smallest Imaging Chip

Arthur Hanson

Active member
The TSM/Omnivision collaboration has created the world's smallest image sensor for medical use. TSMC's relationship with Omnivision goes back many years and I have no doubt is part of Morris Chang's vision to greatly expand the range of nanotechnologies TSM deals with. I expect TSM to greatly expand the uses of the numerous nanotechnologies they work with to constantly expand the range of products they work with well beyond what they are currently working with. I expect to see many surprises in the future considering TSM's ability to keep projects confidential until the are actually released.

TSM's constantly expanding patent wall protecting their back as the move forward will give them the advantages needed to keep up and even expand their growth rate into the future from an investment point of view. One question, is will TSM become a maker of nanotech robotics? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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