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The shine is coming off tech consuming the world - and that's a good thing

Recent article in Wired on building discontent in the real world with perceptions of tech. Admittedly tech-wise much of this is around software - FB, Twitter et al in social media, Uber et al and the increasingly pointless startups popping up daily, doing things our Moms used to for us. But it's also around skeletons pervading the industry - sexual harassment, distortion of public opinion and voting behavior, bro cultures disconnected from the real world, obnoxious VCs, monopolistic behavior in the big companies that proclaimed they would never be evil, etc, etc, etc.

Seeing this come to an end I think is great, not just because this is distasteful and immoral but also because it is a huge waste of human potential and investment capital that could be going into building useful solutions to real problems.

Silicon Valley Techies Still Think They'''re the Good Guys. They'''re Not. | WIRED

Arthur Hanson

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I think the future of tech solving real problems and creating new frontiers in medical, food, power, transportation and other areas is great, but I agree with you that much time and effort is wasted on useless, even destructive actions. Fake news and Uber drivers that make less than minimum wage after expenses and lost waiting time. There have always been waste and abuses of everything, that's just life and how its always been. I think advanced, low cost, high speed education to manage programs and equipment that makes life better is the next great frontier that has barely been touched. I feel Bitcoin has a very good chance of ending in tragedy for even people that don't own it.
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I like the statement in the Wired Article: "In 2008, it was Wall Street bankers. In 2017, tech workers are the world’s villain. “It’s the exact same story of too many people with too much money. That breeds arrogance, bad behavior, and jealousy, and society just loves to take it down...”. I would agree that it is "good" that Venture Capitalists are getting wiser. However, I'm also reminded of a aphorism and old boss liked to use: "If all the analysts saw a copy of tomorrow's Wall Street Journal today, half would lose money."