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The Great Acceleration/Price Decay Strategy Critical

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Managing price decay is as critical to a technology or product path as the technology itself to both producers and users. For producers it's key to introducing a product and managing the generational life span of a product or technology. Keeping profits high enough to continue incremental generational improvements is as key to keep financing the next generation. As the "Great Acceleration" of everything has become a constant, dealing with accelerating price decay must become a critical part of managing any technology and product line. Strategy if implemented properly is as critical as the product itself as has been demonstrated over and over again as superior technologies have lost out and never recovered due not managing pricing and price decay. Users also have to have strategies with a product that rapidly declines in productivity in relationship to new products as they come to market at ever lower costs. Product management with regard to functionality and price are ever more critical to both producers and users and to not have a strategy that doesn't fully take what the competition is doing can be severely detrimental to all involved whether in the producer or user chains. As the "Great Acceleration" takes hold strategy will become an ever more important part of any strategy to the point we will see platforms that handle this in the future. The modern data center is but one very major example of a platform handling this for customers for both hardware and software. The creation of strategic platforms like data centers and foundries are just the beginning of the strategic use of resources. TSM and AWS are the two best examples of strategy winning against brute force and totally disrupting established structures. Fracking in the oil industry is an example of how whole sets of technologies up ending the whole world economy in just a period of ten years, as dramatic or more so in the tech industry itself. Driving down the cost of technology not only grows existing markets and businesses, but also ends up creating entirely new markets and businesses, some totally unexpected and surprising, sometimes world changing. AI/ML will change everything as it has the capability of speeding up the price decay and performance increases to a point previously considered unimaginable and will require totally new business models and mind sets.

Any additions or thoughts on this appreciated and welcomed
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