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The Gift Covid Gave Us

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Covid has wreaked devestation across the planet, but like many disasters, has made us rise to the challenge and speed up technological change that have benefitted the world. World War II advanced many technologies like aircraft, medical and electronics to the benefit of all. Covid is doing the same and methods, equipment, platforms and acceptance of the value of collaboration over distances will be among the greatest gift covid has given us. This is a powerful force in advancing everything, while dramatically lowering the cost and time frames involved. The semi sector has been the key to this at every stage from software to computational to communications. But the greatest part of this is acceptance of increased collaboration covid forced on us out of necessity. Fortunately the semi/tech sector was at an inflection point that made this all possible and we are still in the early stages of the collaboration revolution that will pay dividends for years. The far more efficient use of resources and time alone will only add to the benefits we are already starting to see on a world wide scale. Covid has united much of the world for it is a common enemy and challenge to all. Hopefully we will have the wisdom to take full advantage of this challenge to increase the our capability to deal with future challenges. Any thoughts or comments solicited and appreciated.
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Daniel Nenni

Staff member
COVID has certainly proved how important semiconductors are to the world. It will also show us how important data gathering and data processing is. Data really is the new oil or gold or whatever the world values the most. I just hope the end result is a more compassionate world.


It's something that humbles us. Corona showed that humanity doesn't know everything.

The vaccine and treatment effort hasn't been transparent. If moderna and Pfizer can produce a vaccine for millions (I'm skeptical) a lot of money and work will be put into upgrading ocean freightliners to transport it. Which will be another issue we're facing.

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Masks make me look younger and have kept me healthy. Not even a sniffle all year. Win-win.
Dan, My wife and I have been on a diet we cheat on regularly that I designed and have only been sick once in the last ten years. That occurred on our plane trip to Puerta Vallarta and we both recovered in about twenty four hours. You are what you eat. I use a shotgun approach to nutrition for there are numerous, but critical unmapped micro nutrients