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The Automation of Everything, Running Dark

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
The number of facilities and factories running dark or with a sharply limited amount of human input is upon us. This will even extend to transportation as trucking will go to groupings of trucks with only the lead truck having a driver/monitor. Even medical practices will become much more automated if special interests can be overcome. They already have machines built that can take your blood and test it without human intervention. Remote monitoring is already commonplace and only going to increase. It isn't hard to see that AI/ML robots will be able to outperform human surgeries, for what human could access a thousand options in one or two seconds? Remote, real-time health condition monitoring by wearables of ever-increasing sophistication will become common place and increase quality and lower costs dramatically if politics and special interests don't get in the way. The automation of everything is coming, just like some car rental companies have the cars go through a scanner before and after to check for damage and download the cars computer to check for abusive use of the vehicle. The automation of everything is already here and will pick up speed and versatility as AI/ML/sensors and actuators all advance at an ever accelerating rate. This trend will greatly impact transportation, manufacturing, construction, education, healthcare and just about everything we use and touch. The time, energy and talent efficiency enabled by semis is just in its infancy and will only accelerate as technology will increasing feed on itself with AI. This trend is presenting a staggering amount of opportunities only limited by the imagination with the growth is semis of all types enabling this new trend. The hardest aspect of will be the ability of governments, companies, education, training and people's ability to accept a whole new world.
There is a solution, at least in the USA where corporations are people. Incorporate your AIs and now your factory has people, even when it is dark.
Unlikely running totally dark. There will be a human somewhere in the loop, maybe remote though.
There will just be far less people involved by a wide margin, automation is coming to everything including the professions. How the world adapts to this should be planned for the maximum results and minimum social dislocation. We are entering a different world, I hope people have the wisdom to use our new powers of AI/ML wisely.