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The Automation of Everything, Massive Social and Economic Disruption

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Individuals and society have to wake up to the "Automation of Everything" that AI/ML is enabling across our entire economic structure in a way that's morphing and changing beyond our comprehension. It's now not only physical work that's being automated, but the professions at a rate once considered unimaginable. The combination of automation of both the physical and mental world at the same time is a trend that is only picking up speed with many and increasing impacts in almost everything from the physical to hyper targeted media to sell and influence a population woefully unprepared for rapid and accelerating change applied to every facet of their lives. The disruption of social, physical and governance structures is just in the very early stages of how to cope with these massive powers and changes and harness them, so these trends don't cause far more damage than benefit. Any thoughts of this sought and welcomed. Now is the time to plan for this, for not too will foster conflicts and forms of destruction on a scale that makes even war that is will also cause seem like a minor detraction that few have even imagined.