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Technology Requires Wisdom to Avoid Destruction

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Semis and new battery technology has made sleeper weapons of all types and varieties a new very dangerous and potent force. Imagine sleeper torpedoes that could wait for years for an activation and targeting information or sea and land based mines set up the same way. This would also be applicable to observation and reporting drones. We are going to see unimaginable changes in warfare brought on the new technologies that will upend everything, just as the mutually assured destruction of nuclear and biological warfare. All this would also be applied to code or built in hardware instructions to devices to numerous to mention, but critical in their uses. Warfare is going to get far more dangerous and costly thanks to advancing technology in everything. That generals train to fight the last wars still holds true as much of our current weapons can be made minimally effective by the massive, accelerating pace of new technologies across a wide spectrum. AI/ML will also change everything. The application of advanced semis to every type and many new types of warfare requires more wisdom needed to match the advances in our technologies and must advance at the same rate.
This also applies to technologies and economics, for misapplied economic damage can be as dangerous as actual physical warfare through social and political damage.

Bottom line is more wisdom and patience is going to have to advance as fast as our technology if the world is not going to put itself in a very dangerous situation. We must apply the same effort we put into making intelligent applications of new technologies as we put into making the technologies themselves. Mutually assured prosperity and quality of life are far, far better than mutually assured misery and destruction. Semis have created new types of warfare and cyber war is just one of many. Wisdom and philosophy should be a part of any technology education for power without wisdom is literally insane.

On top of this I haven't even covered conflict of all types in an IOT world. Just look at the damage even the misuse social media has done if there is any doubt.