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Tech Totally Changing Economics #1

Arthur Hanson

Active member
The tech sector and especially the US tech sector is totally changing the traditional economic and social structures our society and the societies of the world are built on. The compounding of progress at an ever accelerating rate is decreasing the useful half life of knowledge, investment, products and processes at a rate so fast it is literally extending beyond the ability of existing structures to keep up. The computational, memory power combined with rapidly growing data bases rapidly increasing in power and utility by not only accelerating penetration and use, but also IOT which allows ever more sophisticated sensors, control systems and cameras that the semi/nanotech sector has not only created, but is lowering is cost and increasing functionality at an ever accelerating rate.

All these factors are compounding each other and constantly, extending their reach and power into every corner of our societies and at the same time creating new fields of endeavor not even thought of before. The new fields are out running our ability to adapt, regulate and even control them by traditional means to the point we don't even realize the full implications of what is going on the impact it's going to have. Automation of everything is proceeding at such a rate that we will see a good portion on our educational system rendered inefficient and obsolete. Traditional education will have to go to a platform/subscription model for their won't be enough time or resources to learn everything from scratch as we do now. In the near future we won't learn knowledge as much as we learn platforms to execute the tasks we need to accomplish.

Just like things are more and more quickly becoming obsolete and uneconomic at an ever accelerating rate, so to are our social, educational and work structures. The combination of AI/ML/IOT with increasingly large and sophisticated data bases is accelerating the automation of literally everything. Subscription platforms are already taking hold and starting to dominate everything, allowing a concentration of wealth that is unmatched in human history. Special interests are fighting to maintain old, inefficient models that are doomed to failure and are wasting individual and societal resources to the point they present a danger in and of themselves. Adapting to ever accelerating obsolescence of not only objects, processes and social structures brought on by AI/ML/IOT and its penetration into everything we have as posses many opportunities as dangers

The concentration of wealth brought on by the speed of these changes is unpresented in human history and present challenges that the sooner they are dealt with the better. We cannot let the special interests of the past stand in the way as they are currently doing. The ability to ever more rapidly accumulate and apply knowledge to the world around us is a gift of unprecedented value at a time it is desperately needed. Man as we are now living and conducting ourselves has become a cancer or uncontrolled growth endangering our very future and the planet we live on. We now have the tools at our disposal to solve the challenges before us in the time allotted if can put the tools we have created to their fullest and best use for the common good. My definition of good is one the makes the best use of themselves and the experiences they are given and tries to maximize not only their potential, but those around them.

The tech sector is in the middle of the "Great Acceleration" and we should fully embrace it and use it to its fullest potential. Compounding is the greatest force known to man and we should embrace it in everything we do. Using compounding is in itself an art form and is at the foundation of my current projects. The physically most powerful compounding reaction is the atomic bomb, which is based on literally a microscopic reaction that rapidly compounds to immense power and due to rapidly advancing technologies in several areas we are experiencing a literal explosion of technology and knowledge that are rapidly reinforcing each other in the accelerating advancement that is now picking up speed at a rate that most can't even imagine or comprehend. The explosion of knowledge and its application and the speed of it increasing accordingly is unmatched in human history and we have yet to fully comprehend or harness this great growing power. The organizations that use compounding, whether they realize it or not, are the most successful. I just hope we can use the rapidly increasing transparency or seeking the truth technology is bringing us to its full potential.

Any thoughts, insights or additions to this are solicited and welcome.
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