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Tech Explodes Mass Hysteria, Danger to World Economy

Arthur Hanson

Active member
Tech has enabled the explosion of mass hysteria, misinformation and outright hatred. The latest is the coronavirus, which is basically a variant of the flu, which kills between 300 and 600 thousand people a year and has for years. The information explosion that enables instantaneous and world wide distribution of unvetted and self serving dangerous misinformation is becoming as dangerous as mass conflict or war. The distribution of information benign and dangerous has become a big money business that is almost totally unregulated. Yes, the corona virus is a problem, but compared to historical flu epidemics, not even out of the ordinary. The deliberate deluge of fear generated by so called experts with limited vision and views, combined with an a literal army of talking heads that make money by creating hysteria will take challenges and create disasters where none have to be. As the creators of this instantaneous, world wide, cheap communications, it will be up to us to exercise wisdom and responsibility to counter not only the mass hysteria market, but to offer solutions to this and many other challenges the world faces. Over population, with man literally becoming a cancer(definition, uncontrolled growth) on the planet is a far more serious problem as this under reported cause of many problems gets scant coverage, while smaller problems, like a current variant of a flue virus get dramatic coverage. It is time for those that know better to help keep perspective for others that can't of the challenges and opportunities before us. If we keep silent and inactive, we will get the world we deserve and all will pay for it. We have seen this through out history and now have the power and responsibility to change it. Technology can be used to spread mass knowledge or mass ignorance and it's up to the creators to manage their creation, the choice is ours. Knowledge and solutions should prevail over ignorance and destruction and if leaders in the tech industry don't manage their creations the later will apply. I truly hope some of the leaders in the tech industry step up with creative and collaborative ways of solutions to the challenges current circumstances present. Knowledge and power without responsibility is very dangerous, uncontrolled weapon. Without the courage to step forward, a small challenge can easily become a major disaster. Let's see solutions instead of fear. Any thoughts, comments or observations solicited and welcome.

Note, with ease you can make a chemically treated effective mask.

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