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Taiwan is no Ukraine, War, the Worst Investment

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Taiwan is a wealthy very, very high tech country and that is critical to the world economy. Also, the terrain of Taiwan favors defender for to be of any real value the Chinese have to take Taiwan largely intact as far as power and water and much of the infrastructure to have any hope of capturing the assets they want. Also, we can't even imagine the creativity that the Taiwanese could apply to offence and defense. Peace, cooperation and collaboration are a far better investment than war. Any kind of war over Taiwan would end up costing hundreds of billions when all costs are considered with huge political effort for all sides. Putting this effort into advancing all sides could possibly set a precedent for how to deal with conflicts without military action. Violence of all types is the last refuge of the incompetent with very unpredictable outcomes many times. It would be far better and a far bigger accomplishment to spend resources of all types and money on advancing the human condition. I just wish our politicians and political systems could learn from the tech sectors on all sides that this same effort applied to advancing the environment and human condition are not an option if we are going to continue on this planet that is vastly overpopulated given current technologies and getting worse by the decade. Choosing collaboration and cooperation over war is far better than military action. Sadly, the militaries on all sides are far too ready to justify war for their own benefit and have become powers in their own right. It is time to change our systems to yield the maximum return on our resources. Hopefully our political and business leaders need to overcome our militaries that increasing represent their own interests above all other and want to provide out of date and ineffective solutions to the challenges before us, which they have no real answers for. In any war, it's civilians that pay the greatest price by far, with children suffering the most. It is time for the adults to show they truly have matured and understand the benefits of evolution. Sadly, many have never really fully evolved.

Any thoughts, additions or comments appreciated.