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sureCore Opens Low-Power SRAM IP Customization Service

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
September 25, 2018/ Paul Wells / All, News

Process independent and silicon proven
sureCore Ltd., announces a low-power SRAM IP application-centric customization service that delivers specific power and performance requirements for wearable, wireless, augmented reality and IoT devices whose requirements go beyond standard low-power memory IP.

sureCore’s application-centric, patented and silicon-proven low-power design techniques prioritize power optimization over speed and area. The new service covers a wide spectrum of memory requirements covering multiple read/write ports, ultra-low leakage retention modes, low dynamic power, near-threshold operation, write masking and BIST/DFT support.

The sureCore service develops memory variants including SRAM and Register Files based on either standard foundry or custom bit cells, the latter capable of delivering ultra-low operating voltages, improved leakage characteristics and improved performance.

The application-centric service is rooted in sureCore innovative design approach and innovative memory architectures that include:

  • Segmented arrays and bit line voltage control that delivers optimal dynamic power and performance.
  • SMART-Assist circuitry for near-threshold operation across process and temperature extremes.
  • Highly granular sleep modes, coupled with independent sub-banks.
  • Custom single and multi-port bit cells.
  • Pipelined read circuitry that meets demanding performance goals.
“Today’s emerging markets aren’t playing by yesterdays rules and SoC architects developing cutting edge low-power devices can no longer make do with standard memory IP,” explains Eric Gunn, sureCore’s Chief Operating Officer.

“A number of companies have come to us with very ultra-low, application-specific power and performance targets that demand “out-of-the-box” thinking to achieve record-setting energy efficiency,” explains sureCore’s CEO, Paul Wells.

The new customization service produces results based on a rigorous verification regime that incorporates statistical, parametric and physical validation to ensure that sureCore’s application-centric memories meet demanding quality requirements. Design flows based on industry-leading memory characterization tooling delivers multiple PVT corners quickly, accurately and automatically. All industry-standard EDA views are supported.

customized ultra-low power memory IP

sureCore’s customizes ultra-low power memory IP built to exact specifications that hit dynamic power targets, operates at near-threshold voltages, delivers multiple read/write ports and provides a suite of comprehensive sleep modes that meets challenging leakage targets.