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sureCore appoints Shanghai LoMicro Information Technology Co. Ltd to boost presence in Chinese market


Staff member
sureCore, the ultra-low power, embedded memory specialist, has appointed Shanghai-based, LoMicro Information Technology Co. Ltd to support its growing presence in the dynamic Chinese market. The latter has over a decade of focus on supporting IP and EDA companies in China.

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Robert Xu, CEO of LoMicro, said,

“We are delighted to be working with sureCore. Its ultra-low power memory technology enables companies to add new features to their latest product designs without exceeding their power budgets. New features inevitably demand more on-chip memory to facilitate the additional software which increases the power consumption. Standard off-the-shelf memory is power hungry which is driving developers to look for new solutions. sureCore memory can reduce memory power needs by 50% which helps to address this challenge. This is particularly important for wearables, earbuds, smartwatches etc where size is constrained by form factor so additional battery power cannot easily be added.”

Paul Wells, sureCore’s CEO, added,

“China is a major market for us with a huge amount of innovative chip design work that could benefit from our technology. LoMicro is very well connected with engineers who are always looking for ways to make their designs innovative so that they stand out from rivals with exciting new features.”

sureCore’s EverOn™ ultra-low power memories support near-threshold operation making them ideal for wearable products as they allow the SoC to be tuned to the required level of performance for particular operating modes. This approach can deliver power savings in excess of 50% compared to standard ‘off-the-shelf’ memories. Using sureCore memories is a critical differentiator for next generation devices such as smart watches, fitness trackers and earbuds to enable them to meet their battery life targets. The EverOn SRAM IP is silicon proven in leading foundry processes enabling faster time to market.

Link to Press Release