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SMIC question



Anyone had any good experience with SMIC as a foundry for analog-mixed-signal-RF designs? In particular at 130nm....thx

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hmm....ominous silence......I guess what I'm asking is: has anyone found the analogue RF modelling to be adequate/comparable to TSMC et al. at this node?
or are there simply very few ( people out there that have used this foundry and node for AMS designs?

Quan Gan

New member
Hi, anthonye, although I am close with SMIC, but unfortunitly, I am not on the AMS RF part, just help you to push the thread.

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
I know SMIC but they do not have SemiWiki members yet. I will push this through email and see what happens.


New member
We (me) have successfully manufactured an AMS design at SMIC 65nm. There were some design rules changes but this was last year. Maybe now there are none. I would not worry about 130nm. Not me but we have done 130nm too. SMIC was very good to work with. The local support office is very good (USA). I don't know pricing but we are very cost worried and picked SMIC based on that I bet. We did not do 90nm so I cannot say about that. Why 130nm? 300mm processes are better cost. Probably embedded IP?
We have been working with SMIC since 2007. Our volume for 110 nm has been over 20 milllion parts a month with them and we are moving to 55 nm with the same part and is at over 10 million part per month now. I think 130 nm should not be any issue to SMIC. However, we use our own library and Cadence is only for reference.


Active member
Three years ago ,i have used is process or some one like it.The answer is if you just use this process for mobile consume electronics,it's ok. SMIC'analog-mixed-signal-RF PDK for 0.13um have High R and MIM cap,this is very useful thing.
Posted by David Suo


New member
First of all, thank you for your interest in SMIC's standard offering and thanks to those who had used it before.

Back to the question about our 0.13um RF process. In fact, we have been in production since 2005. The process is just very mature and cost effective even compared to its 300mm cousin, namely 90nm. So if you are interested to explore more, please contact me directly. I will be more than happy to set you up with one of our AMs oe FAE Mgrs.

Best Regards,
Sunny Hui
Vice President, Americas
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation