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Siemens and Intel Foundry collaborate to deliver new tools certifications and EMIB/3D-IC innovation


Staff member
June 24, 2024
Plano, Texas, USA


Siemens Digital Industries Software announced today that its ongoing collaboration with Intel Foundry has established a new Electronic Design Automation (EDA) product certification, as well as an embedded multi-die interconnect bridge (EMIB) enablement breakthrough that can help mutual customers leverage the performance, space and power efficiency advantages of 3D-IC (3D integrated circuit) designs much more quickly.

The partners recently certified Siemens’ new Solido™ SPICE, part of Solido™ Simulation Suitesoftware for the foundry’s Intel 16 and Intel 18A nodes. An advanced portfolio of AI-accelerated simulators for intelligent IC design and verification, Siemens’ new Solido Simulation Suite provides leading-edge, feature-rich circuit verification for analog, mixed-signal, RF, memory, library IP, 3D-IC and System-on-a-chip (SoC) design.

Intel 18A represents the latest advancement in Intel Foundry’s process technology roadmap, featuring advanced RibbonFET gate-all-around (GAA) transistor architecture and PowerVia backside power delivery technologies to help customers optimize the density and performance of their next-generation products. Intel 18A is ideal for IC designs targeting high growth applications including the High-Performance Computing (HPC), mobile and other demanding and fast-growing applications. Intel 18A and Intel 16 are also now enabled with Open Model Interface (OMI), the industry-standard platform for enabling aging modeling and reliability analyses, supported by Siemens’ Solido Simulation Suite.

“Siemens is committed to collaborating with Intel Foundry to provide our mutual customers with the most advanced technologies possible to leverage when designing highly complex ICs and advanced packaging,” said Amit Gupta, vice president and general manager, Custom IC Verification, Siemens Digital Industries Software. “The certification of Solido™ SPICE and the availability of the EMIB reference flow for early customers by Intel reinforce our joint commitment to providing mutual customers with highly accurate, next-generation tools that enable innovation required to differentiate and win in highly competitive markets.”

Siemens today also announced the availability of the EMIB reference flow that can help Intel Foundry’s early customers utilize the foundry’s embedded multi-die interconnect bridge (EMIB) approach to in-package, high-density interconnect of heterogeneous chips. With the delivery of this early-adoption Intel Foundry EMIB workflow, Intel Foundry’s customers can tackle the full range of critical tasks needed for a successful design and tape-out. Driven by an Intel Foundry developed and supplied Package Assembly Design Kit (PADK), Intel Foundry’s EMIB customers can also leverage Siemens’ Calibre® nmPlatform to validate the EMIB silicon layouts for DRC, LVS, and 3DThermal analysis.

Mutual customers can also conduct package and substrate system planning, design, and verification using Siemens’ XpeditionTM Substrate Integrator software, Xpedition™ Package Designer software, Hyperlynx™ SI/PI software, and Calibre® 3DSTACK software -- leveraging the expertise and world-class technology of Siemens' industry leading IC and semiconductor packaging portfolios, which provide comprehensive package assembly prototyping and floorplanning with Xpedition Substrate Integrator and predictive shift-left multi-physics analysis from Calibre.

“Intel Foundry is revitalizing the semiconductor industry with new fabrication and highly innovative advanced packaging technologies targeted at taking modern day electronics to entirely new levels. Our collaboration with Siemens for precise EDA enablement is key to nurturing the growing ecosystem” said Suk Lee, VP & GM of Ecosystem Technology Office, Intel Foundry. “The recent certification of Siemens’ newly released Solido™ SPICE, part of Solido™ Simulation Suite,to run seamlessly on our advanced process technologies underscores the success we’ve seen in our ongoing close collaboration with Siemens. And by developing a certified, production ready EMIB technology reference flow, Intel Foundry and Siemens EDA have delivered yet another major milestone, empowering IC design companies to boldly innovate complex ICs for any electronic application.”

To learn more about Siemens’ offerings in the integrated circuit design industry, visit:

Siemens Digital Industries Software helps organizations of all sizes digitally transform using software, hardware and services from the Siemens Xcelerator business platform. Siemens' software and the comprehensive digital twin enable companies to optimize their design, engineering and manufacturing processes to turn today's ideas into the sustainable products of the future. From chips to entire systems, from product to process, across all industries. Siemens Digital Industries Software – Accelerating transformation.

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