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Shared Autonomous Vehicles, Capital Utilization #3

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Personal autos have become the biggest waste of resources commonly found. Most vehicles are used less than an hour and a half a day and many significantly less. Not only is that servicing is expensive done intermittently and a variety of places in a highly inefficient manner both timewise and location wise at far higher cost than need be. On top of this storage, fueling, cleaning, insurance, and utilization are done in a highly inefficient costly manner. With autonomous vehicles, fueled, stored, maintained, and cleaned at a central location all will contribute to not only economies of scale in all these areas but also the best choice of vehicle for the desired task. Since they will be autonomous, your needed vehicle will be able to be delivered on-demand. Cleaning costs will be lowered by most of it being done robotically. Being able to have a vehicle of your need and choice being delivered to your door on demand will lower your total cost dramatically. This will also reduce road traffic and allow current roadways to be used far more efficiently as to the capacity, speed and parking. These are just a few of the ways autonomous transportation will save cost and time. If vehicle usage is just upped to four hours a day, the utilization of resources is dramatically raised. This doesn't even count not having to drive the vehicle freeing up even more time. Autonomous everything is coming and with it a massive increasing capital utilization that will dramatically change how well we live if we make the proper decisions. Autonomous everything, powered by semis of all types will give us a world unrecognizable to what we have today. This will come far faster than people realize for technology is compounding on itself in what I call "The Great Acceleration" that we have been seeing for years in every area special interest have not been able to slow it down or stop it completely. Medical will be the next great frontier for this trend.

The ways to increase the utilization of resources is a financial powerhouse especially when compounding is taken into account, just a ten percent utilization improvement can add up dramatically in a very short period of time. Semis of all types applied to platforms are offering more opportunities to both improve life in general and make money at the same time than any trend in history.
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