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SemiWiki now has a page on Google+


Hello Daniel:

It's nice to get noticed at Google which indeed will give more visibilty



We're just covering our bases as social media is in full bloom these days. I prefer the Circles in Google+ over the Lists in Facebook. Time will tell which one is used most for business vs socializing.
I'm really anxious for Google+ to grow, especially by adding 3rd party extensions. It would help if they allowed an RSS feed to be read from one source then update status at Google+. Both Facebook and Twitter allow that automation, so let's see how long it takes for Google+ to catch up.
SemiWiki Google+ traffic has already passed Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn is still the leader with thousands of views versus the hundreds of views from the other social media sites.
Thanks for the update.

It's a good idea to measure everything and then decide which channel is most effective.

I'm finding many geeky engineers on Google+ in the EDA an Semi industries.
Is it a considerable difference?

We are considering leveraging our existing LinkedIn base and drawing them to Google+ as well. What do you offer to your Google+ followers that they can't get on your LinkedIn?
Google+ vs LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an older media channel that many engineers have been attracted to because:
  • Groups are supported and seen as independent places to get info
  • Online resume
  • Way to connect with others through intros
  • Q&A area to get answers or pose questions
Google+ had an ingenious method to get started called Limited Beta or invitation only, so you felt special by getting an invite direct from Google or a friend. Only recently did they add support for Business accounts, so that is what SemiWiki added. If you add SemiWiki to your Circles on Google+ then you get all the headline blog articles from the Home page of SemiWiki - The Front Page, some Forum topics, some events from the Calendar.

When a new person adds SemiWiki to their Google+ circle then I type a public welcome message.

I am hoping that Google+ extends their API from a read-only to a writable one, and then I'll add the RSS feed from SemiWiki so that our original blog articles will auto-publish into Google+, instead of the Copy/Paste I have to do at the moment.
Daniel, that sounds like a solid strategy and I really appreciate that you take the time to welcome each new follower.
It's little things like that that really allow you to stand out.