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Semis Powering Productivity Breakthrough, World Progress, Taiwan conflict key

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Semis of all types are powering a productivity breakthrough that should be the focus of the world's governments. This new economic and scientific revolution should be given priority over war and conflict which could actually drive the world economy in reverse. Cooperation and collaboration opportunities are being unleashed at an ever-accelerating rate due to the demands of dealing with covid. If handled and nurtured with care on an international basis, the dividends for everyone will be staggering. Scale is key to any economic revolution as the industrial revolution has proven and this potential revolution has even far greater potential to improve the human condition. If not handled with care, this revolution could be significantly slowed down or even thrown into reverse over the conflict with Taiwan, which holds many of the keys to a better future, but could also blow up into a conflict that engulfs the planet in ways that most can't even imagine. In this modern world of platforms and collaboration increasing at a geometric rate, the dividends are too massive to not be treated with the utmost care. If there is conflict, these same technologies could unleash new forms of conflict that could be as destructive or even much more so on top of a traditional conflict. No longer can the inhabitants of the tech sector stand above politics and just hope for the best, for more than any group, they can put forward the very profitable and beneficial case for a world with reduced conflict with staggering opportunities for all if nurtured and handled with care. The benefits of the tech revolution are here and now, we just have to keep nurturing them, instead of letting conflict hobble and even destroy them. Intelligence, wisdom, and vision will be required, and no longer can the tech sector allow politicians to promote conflict and ignorance over true progress, the stakes are far too great. If there is a war, it will be far uglier and destructive to progress than most can even imagine. It is past time for tech leaders and participants worldwide to stand up and promote knowledge over ignorance. Comments and thoughts solicited and welcomed.