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Semis Make Knowledge a Utility

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Semis have built a rapidly evolving foundation that is changing the world at an ever accelerating rate that I describe as the "Great Acceleration". New platforms that make knowledge a utility are being created at an ever expanding rate with one of the latest being Data Science As A Service or DSAAS for short. This has come about from the high cost and shortage of data scientist in the workforce and is but the latest example of knowledge being put on a platform. With the cost decay of bandwidth and data center access combined with the utility of both in speed, penetration and power, the economics of skill sets and their application is changing rapidly.

These platforms are bringing rapid changes to every facet of education, training, economics, the workplace and society in general that many of the laws, rules and norms we live by are becoming obsolete at an ever increasing rate that is upending the economic foundation the world's societies are built on. If we don't come up with unified, widely available ways of integrating these changes to help everyone reach their maximum potential at all levels of society the ill effects will end up being damaging and detrimental to all. The countries, organizations and companies that master these forces to make the most of the greatest number of their people will benefit the most by definition. In this ever accelerating world of the "Great Acceleration" of ever expanding knowledge both strategy combined with wisdom will be required for the dangers will be expanding just as fast as the knowledge and application.

Knowledge is expanding at such a rate we can no longer start at the base for the depth of knowledge is increasing faster than our ability and time to learn it before it's half life comes into effect and makes if not obsolete, but no longer fully economic. The ability to master platforms and build upon them will be the in demand skill sets of the future. Not only will skill sets convert more and more to a subscription basis, but the power of the community working with a platform to use the new gold or data acquired to improve and advance the platform. This dynamic will totally up end traditional education and the economics of traditional work and payment structures. This will even upend traditional business structures as the employees will be as much members of a platform, as they are employees. New ways beyond traditional patent and copyright law will have adapted to fit this new model that is not the future, but already developing and morphing in ways the traditional educational and training structures have yet to adapt to.

It will be interesting to see how established educational interests from schools, colleges, universities and training establishments adapt to this new future and either adapt and embrace it and how much they will fight progress. This change will even change employment structures in ways that will only be limited by vision and imagination. This area will be the next new frontier that will create more opportunities than even larger than mega platforms like Alphabet. So far the company that shows the most advanced view of this vision is Salesforce with their job oriented Trailhead program.

Comments, thoughts and additions to this solicited and welcome for this is the power of the community.
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I think one of the biggest problems facing the industry is more in the area of fundamentals. We work in an industry that prizes specialization. Specialization can work well, but you need people that understand the big picture. When I look at knowledge in general today, we have more knowledge than ever, but sadly, many people seem to be worse off for it. Simply searching on Google to learn something about a particular area is not very effective. One needs context and background to understand something properly. Furthermore, Google search can be gamed (no matter how much Google tries to prevent it), so that means what we really need is a trusted source. The university system used to be that trusted source for the semiconductor industry, but universities in general have moved on to the "next big thing". While topics like AI/ML fall into the category of the "next big thing" and intersect our industry to some extent, there is no longer a big focus in our university system on semiconductor manufacturing. Designers really need an understanding of semiconductor manufacturing in order to be successful with their designs. Furthermore, the industry hires lots of bachelor level engineers to be product engineers, validation engineers, test engineers, quality engineers, etc, that also need this understanding. This is what we're focused on as a company.

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
"Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing our digital future" Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson
Excellent book, read it years ago and even sent a copy to associates and it is recommended reading. Platforms are the future for they become like living organisms that can adapt, grow and change with the environment. They will displace much of modern education because of this.