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Semiconductor Technologies for 2012

Paul McLellan

Active member
Every year, Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. (WWK) conducts a survey on equipment and timing of various features in the semiconductor industry. The results from last year's survey cover what features survey respondents expected to be in production use this year, 2012:

  • Double patterning
  • Through Silicon Vias (TSV)
  • Through Silicon Vias – Cu Fill
  • HiK Gate (HfO2, ZrO2, etc.)
  • Equipment suppliers using remote diagnostic capability
  • Manufacturing capacity, utilization and cycle time simulation
  • Implementation of 300mm prime advances

And they also look at technologies that have been on the horizon for a long time and look llike they will stay on the horizon for longer. These technologies are not expected to be in production before 2015 or later:

  • 193 high index immersion lithography
  • Direct write
  • EUV lithography
  • Imprint lithography

If you are in semiconductor manufacturing, equipment or generally in a position to have a useful opinion then you can take this year' survey. Their website is here.

So does this look right? Are there other technologies that are coming online faster than expected? Are the features that require significant EDA support too (TSV, double patterning etc) on track?


New member
"Implementation of 300mm prime advances"
Yes, currently we are trying to realize this, and prototype will be launched at first quarter, 2012