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Semi Industry Creates Ultimate Weapon, Now Ultimate Responsibility

Arthur Hanson

Active member
5G has been ruled what may be the ultimate weapon, with the ability to literally shut down and disrupt almost everything by the European Union and would give anyone controlling it unparalleled power. This is the kind of power that should only given to entities at all levels that have demonstrated the maturity, morals and ethics to handle this great power responsibly. This situation clearly puts the semi industry at a level of power that few have ever achieved and it's still growing. The semi industry must now step up and realize with great power comes great responsibility and can no longer be just about technology, but who and how it is used. As the semi/nanotech sector becomes ever more powerful, it must become ever more aware of the implications and impact of its creations. It is way past time for the industry to use the same creativity it used to create ever more prevalent and powerful ecosystems to now exert control over how those creations are used. I have no doubt the SemiWiki community is one of the best places to start this discussion for the same creativity that has changed the technical world, now has to be applied to how the technology it creates is used. As the power of the technologies created are getting ever greater at an accelerating rate, so must our ability to make every effort to see that power is used responsibly. Powers that want to use the great power for bad purposes whether intentionally or otherwise must be dealt with. This also should not only apply to politics, but the social structure and environment. Transparency, international standards and world wide IP rights would be a good place to start. Any thoughts, comments or additions on this very important topic solicited and welcome. Below is a link to the current situation 5G is presenting.

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