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Semi Demand to Increase, We must embrace and nurture it

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
AI/ML and the automation of everything from the professions, robotic surgery and just about everything else is going to drive advanced chip demand for the next decade. This will apply to both high end processors and high end memory. It will also drive low end semis in sensing and switches plus the communications chips that will link this new world together. The effects of AI/ML and its applications across almost every field and endeavor are going to drive a whole new world that most won't even recognize. Many organizations will try to block these advances for their own special interests. If the US lets special interests' rule, some other countries will take advantage of it and leap ahead of the US at a rate that could become a danger to our entire economy. I hope the government fosters growth and progress over special interests and our society does the same. To end up a follower instead of a leader will have devastating economic and social impact. I hope our business, social and government leaders have the wisdom to embrace this change that AI/ML are just the tip of the spear. If handled properly this progress could be set up to compound on itself and literally create an explosion of progress not experienced in human history. To integrate compounding into everything is now possible with technologies we already have in place. This will take an entire new way of thinking and conducting business that hasn't existed before for the technology to achieve this was not available from the professional level to robotic systems, virtual and real. This will require entirely new thinking and business models that don't currently exist on a broad scale. To see an acceleration of five percent more than we have now is doable and the additional compounding this could achieve is literally staggering. Those that learn to apply and embrace this trend will prosper and leave those that don't farther and farther behind at an ever accelerating rate. Once properly set up and embraced it will be like lighting a fire and grow on itself for unlike previous trends, AI can learn and grow on its own. Any thoughts or expansions on this sought and welcome.
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