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Secure-IC partners with COONTEC to help strengthen Embedded Cybersecurity in South Korea


Staff member
Secure-IC, leader in end-to-end embedded cybersecurity solutions, is proud to announce its collaboration with COONTEC, a specialist in embedded virtualization. Together, we are committed to fortifying the security landscape of embedded systems. This partnership signifies our joint dedication to enhancing security throughout the entire lifecycle, encompassing both software and hardware domains. Through our combined expertise and innovative approaches, we aim to deliver robust protection and peace of mind to our clients.


Secure-IC is a global leading provider of end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for embedded systems and connected objects. It applies a unique approach called PESC (Protect, Evaluate, Service & Certificate) to the entire IC design process to support semiconductors, automobiles, smart factories, smart cities and others. It supports the security requirements of various industries such as national infrastructure, medical facilities, servers, and cloud.

Secure-IC’s protection technologies (Securyzr™ – Silicon IP and security subsystems) are deployed in hundreds of millions of devices) in most of the leading technology companies worldwide.

One of Secure-IC’s flagship offerings is Laboryzr™, a cutting-edge solution that enhances the security posture of embedded systems. Laboryzr™ provides a complete turnkey laboratory, along with all the knowledge and engineering skills necessary to perform Side-Channel Analysis (SCA) and Fault Injection Analysis (FIA).

Secure-IC can provide a wide range of security services through the design life-cycle based on three main tools:
  • - AnalyzrTM: Physical security evaluation at the post-silicon stage, after the chip has been produced. On real physical chips and boards.
  • - CatalyzrTM: Software evaluation reporting.
  • - VirtualyzrTM: Evaluate side-channel security at the pre-silicon stage, before even starting chip production.
Secure-IC supports its customers reach their desired certification levels with general certifications such as Common Criteria, FIPS-140 or OSCCA; but also to reach their target in more specific standards such as ISO/IEC 17825 or 20085.

In addition to Laboryzr™, Secure-IC offers Expertyzr™, another advanced component in its cybersecurity arsenal. Expertyzr™ contributes to comprehensive security monitoring by implementing features such as firmware encryption, signing, secure over-the-air updates, and certificate and key renewal and revocation. This solution is instrumental in fortifying the security of critical systems and aligning with industry best practices.

“COONTEC represents Secure-IC’s strategic approach to fulfilling cybersecurity requirements within the Korean market, together with a localized perspective to amplify our presence and operations in Korea“ said Yan-Taro Clochard, Secure-IC’s Chief Marketing Officer & North Asia Sales VP

“We anticipate that the synergy between COONTEC’s expertise and Secure-IC’s advanced technologies and tools will significantly strengthen our ability to reinforce embedded security systems locally, marking a significant advancement in cybersecurity solutions.”​

“As digital transformation spreads, security threats related to representative embedded systems such as IoT are increasing, but the reality is that it is still rare to apply security to embedded systems,” said Joon Pang, CEO of COONTEC. “Through partnership with Secure-IC, COONTEC plans to expand its influence in the entire embedded market, including embedded virtualization and security, by supporting strengthening hardware and software security around key embedded areas such as defense, critical infrastructure, and automobile/smart mobility.


COONTEC is a company specializing in embedded virtualization and security and has experience and technology in carrying out various embedded-related projects. COONTEC also supports security in the software supply chain by supplying open source inspection solutions and binary inspection solutions, and protects customer assets in various industries by supplying OT/ICS security control monitoring solutions, various security vulnerability inspection solutions, and authority management solutions.

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