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Samtec Sponsors AI Hardware Summit 2021


Staff member
September 7, 2021 By Matt Burns

High-demand, standard IC supply chains continue to face bottlenecks. Additionally, new and emerging compute applications demand application-specific architectures with increased performance, low latency and less power. As a result, many Silicon Valley heavyweights are bringing chip-design in-house.

The AI chipset and hardware industry seems ahead of this curve! AI system architects and IC designers have championed any number of original AI hardware solutions. For the past few years, the AI Hardware Summit has been a vehicle for dialog and exchanging ideas at the frontier of this fast growing AI hardware ecosystem.


In 2021, machine learning models are evolving while moving from prototype to production. AI acceleration faces many questions and challenges in application-specific performance, efficiency and scalability.
The upcoming AI Hardware Summit 2021 offers context, commentary and guidance on these and other topics of interest. This year’s event takes place virtually and in person September 13-16, 2021 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

Interconnect for Fast, Efficient and Affordable AI​

As an interconnect solutions provider, Samtec offers a unique perspective from across the ever-changing AI hardware landscape. From our viewpoint, we see a few key trends leading the industry.
First, we see a number of emerging AI chipsets – SOCs, CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, TPUS and others – dominating AI applications. These solutions are fine-tuned for training or inference whether at the edge or in the data center.
Second, AI SoMs, CoMs and Carriers offer a complete AI subsystem on a single PCB. They also provide a path from prototype to production. Newer SoMs and CoM feature increased speed, density and scalability.


Third, AI Accelerators offload repetitive processes from compute engines to optimize system performance and resource utilization. AI Accelerators utilize both industry-standard and original form factors.
Lastly, AI application-specific architectures continue to emerge. From wafer scale processing to chiplets, unique substrate and package-based interconnect are key to optimized system performance.
Samtec’s new Artificial Intelligence Connectivity Guide summarizes our portfolio of high-performance connectivity solutions for AI hardware systems. The new guide also highlights Samtec’s high-speed SI expertise and unmatched technical support for next-gen AI/ML applications.

High-Bandwidth, Low-Latency Interconnect Round Table​

Emerging AI training and inference system architectures require faster bandwidth and low latency. System density, small form factors, scalability and configurability remain key design criteria. Whether an AI-focused SoMs, AI Accelerators or complex distributed compute architectures, Samtec’s innovative connectivity solutions optimize the entire signal channel at 112 Gbps PAM4 data rates and beyond.
In the virtual round table “High-Bandwidth, Low-Latency Interconnect For AI System Architectures” on September 16, Samtec technologists will detail high-speed board-to-board connectors, high-speed cable assemblies and precision RF solutions enabling high bandwidth and low latency in read world AI applications.

Register to Attend

AI system architectures depend on the latest high-performance interconnect. Fortunately, Samtec technical experts will demonstrate and discuss the latest AI interconnect technology at the event.


The AI Hardware Summit is THE place for those accelerating AI workloads in at the cloud and at the edge, at both a hardware and systems level. For more information, please register here.