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Samtec Opens New Taiwan Design Center


Staff member
August 17, 2023 By Danny Boesing

Samtec recently celebrated the grand opening of our new design and manufacturing center in Taiwan. The Taiwan Design Center will design (obviously), develop, and build leading-edge connector products for multiple industries, including datacom, telecom, artificial intelligence and machine learning, test and measurement, industrial, and medical.

Taiwan Design Center - Samtec - PRF Manufacturing Floor1

The Precision RF manufacturing floor at Samtec’s new Taiwan Design Center

The state-of-the-art 70,000-square-foot facility (6,503 square meters) consists of three floors of manufacturing, new product development and engineering, machine and equipment design, and connector and cable assembly. The manufacturing capabilities primarily focus on Samtec’s precision RF product line, which is used in the wireless infrastructure, aerospace and defense, computer, and test and measurement industries.

If this were a press release, I would have an obligatory quote from our V.P. of Engineering, and it would be filled with buzzwords and SEO tags like “next-generation,” “metaverse,” “digital immune system,” “disruptive,” etc. Our V.P. of Engineering is a smart guy, forward-thinking, and proactive, but he doesn’t speak in buzzwords. He would simply say something like this: “Our customers require faster, smaller, and smarter connector systems, and the new Design Center enables us to design, develop, test, and build more of these products, and it allows us to do all of the above faster, and closer to them.”

The Taiwan Design Center is the latest addition to our global design, support, manufacturing, and customer support footprint. Other expansion efforts, which all support our Sudden Service® efforts, include a new cable manufacturing facility that has just been built and fitted in Pennsylvania (USA), expansions of the Vietnam and Costa Rica manufacturing facilities which are currently underway, and a Singapore Distribution Hub that is now fully operational.

Taiwan Design Center - Samtec - Lobby1

The lobby of our new Taiwan Design Center

Just in case you’re wondering, Samtec has 22 sales offices, 13 design centers, and 14 operations/inventory locations across the globe. Samtec Sudden Service® supports a customer base of 50,000+, spanning well-known global tech giants to universities and small start-ups. Samtec sells directly to customers as well as through highly respected distribution partners. 2022 revenue exceeded $1 billion, and Samtec serves customers in over 125 countries.

Link to Press Release