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Samsung to Choose Taylor, Texas, for $17 Billion Chip-Making Factory


Active member
It looks like Samsung will be building a $17 billion fab. This is part of Samsung's plan to invest more than $205 billion over the next 3 years with chip-making a priority.

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
Samsung and Intel, the two largest semiconductor companies in the world, will battle it out for IDM Foundry supremacy! I would give Samsung the edge on that one. Samsung grew semiconductor revenues 34% this year while Intel is -1%. It truly is an exciting time in semiconductors, absolutely.


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This invest happened approx as planned years ago. Samsung is looking to steadily increase Foundry market share with his move. It comes as DRAM has a new Wuhan competitor. Good things for Yangse memory, they are killing it.


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A WSJ follow-up article basically saying TSMC and Samsung need to master geopolitics...

The biggest news item in the article for me...
Samsung says it will invest $143 billion in logic chips, though that is over a longer time frame—2019 to 2030 —and much of that will go into research and development


Active member
From TechCrunch, in August 2021: The $205 B is for MEMORY semiconductors (EUV Dram, 200 layer NAND) plus Biologics plants and Telecoms (no details about telecoms given).

From Yonhap News Agency, in May 2021: $151 B investment in logic (which includes S.LSI and Foundry) with the goal of moving from current 18% Foundry share (vs. 56% TSMC) to “leadership” by 2030.

Finally, buried in the Yonhap article is the fact Pyeongtaek line 3 is an EUV fab with both DRAM and Foundry production. Elsewhere online it has been stated this Pyeongtaek is the model for Taylor. I think this is the real news; Samsung will co-invest in DRAM and Foundry in the same fab.


New member
The official announcement is as follows. It didn't reveal the node technology and capacity of this new fab.

Prior articles and reports this summer indicated 5nm node was targeted to be installed at this fab, using both ArF immersion & EUV tools. Internal preparations seem to support this.