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Samsung Electronics Opens Path to Chase TSMC with 3nm Foundry Collaboration with AMD

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
A graphic referring to a partnership between Samsung and AMD

A graphic referring to a partnership between Samsung and AMD

Samsung Electronics is expected to intensify its collaboration with the global fabless semiconductor company AMD.

According to industry sources and foreign media on May 28, Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, hinted in her keynote speech at ITF World 2024 that the company plans to adopt Samsung Electronics’ 3-nm semiconductors for its next-generation products.

She announced plans for mass production of next-generation semiconductors using the 3-nm Gate-All-Around (GAA) process. GAA technology, compared to the traditional FinFET process, can improve data processing speed and power efficiency. Samsung Electronics is the only company applying GAA technology at the 3-nm process level.

This effectively formalizes AMD’s collaboration with Samsung Electronics in 3-nm foundry services.

Given AMD’s expertise in central processing units (CPUs) and graphics processing units (GPUs), there is speculation that Samsung Electronics’ collaboration with AMD in the AI semiconductor sector will be strengthened. Samsung Electronics is currently supplying AMD with HBM3.

Previously, Samsung Electronics was the first in the world to mass-produce the 3-nm process using GAA technology in 2022, but had not secured major clients.

An industry insider stated, “For Samsung, the collaboration with AMD represents an opportunity to open the floodgates in chasing TSMC in the foundry sector.”

This rumour is based on a pretty shaky premise. Lisa Su said they would use 3nm GAA and some people interpreted this to mean they would use Samsung, because TSMC does not have a 3nm GAA node. But now that Samsung has renamed their 3nm node to 2nm, actually no one has a 3nm GAA node.