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S2C is Providing Quality FPGA Prototyping Solutions for Innovative SoC/ASIC Designs for Companies across the Globe


Staff member
FPGA-based prototyping enables the implementation of an ASIC RTL on an FPGA platform and is an essential part of the pre-tape-out process. It’s especially useful for projects that involve embedded software content that needs to be addressed within a short deadline. The process has become particularly popular among ASIC design teams as it allows them to adhere to their software and hardware development schedules and enhance the overall efficiency of data processing tools. S2C helps businesses make the most of these strategies by providing high-quality FPGA prototyping solutions to companies across the globe, spanning diverse industries.

S2C is a current global leader when it comes to FPGA prototyping solutions. The company was launched in 2004 and has since been delivering successful and innovative prototyping solutions for SoC/ASIC designs. Having assisted more than 500 customers and installed over 3,000 systems, the company has earned a solid reputation as a top prototyping solutions provider and has built a loyal clientele across the globe.

The company's commitment to digital innovation and progress is evident from its name. The name "S2C" was coined by three former-Aptix principals, Toshio Nakama, who wanted to give the concept of "system to chip" a creative spin. Based in San Jose, California, S2C continues to deliver innovative, reliable, and in-demand prototyping solutions to businesses not just within the United States, but also those based in other continents.

Speaking about the company, a representative from the S2C team stated, “Perhaps the biggest reason for S2C's successful streak in the last 17 plus years—apart from high-quality solutions, of course—is that it has stayed close to its clients and has evolved with their changing needs and demands. There's no stop to digital innovation, and the company is well-aware of that. We're constantly striving to create more user-friendly, efficient, and effective products that would make it easier for our clients to run operations without worrying about technical glitches and excessive support. Our FPGA-based prototyping tools help remove friction in SoC/ASIC designs and increase the chances of their success.”

S2C comprises a highly qualified engineering team that’s spread out across the globe. The company's offices and sales representatives are based in the US, Europe, Israel, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

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