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Raspberry Pi 2 announced - 6X faster processor, same low price

Tom Simon

Yesterday I saw that the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced a new version of their popular Raspberry Pi board that runs 6x faster than the previous version. It now uses a quad core 900 MHz ARM A7 core built by Broadcom. It also has 1GB SDRAM. And is fully compatible with the previous version of the hardware. The full announcement is on their website - Raspberry Pi 2 on sale now at $35 | Raspberry Pi

At the bottom of the announcement it is interesting to note that Microsoft will be offering a single board version of Windows 10 to makers on this platform for free. Microsoft announces Windows support for the Raspberry Pi | MAKE
It's amazing that you can get a PC with this level of performance for $35.

Don Dingee

New member
Moving from ARMv6 to ARMv7 (quad) core does definitely help their software support.

Microsoft has been extremely mum on Windows 10 on ARM or for the IoT, making only vague statements so far - until announcing this support.

Daniel Payne

I bought and used the original Raspberry Pi and connected it up to an HDMI display, bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth mouse and WiFi. Enjoyed getting back to the Linux command line prompt, however I really wanted to install and run WordPress although it was too under-powered for that. Maybe the Pi 2 with the speed improvements could be used as a real web server and WordPress.

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