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proteanTecs to Discuss the Future of Physical Assurance and Supply Chain Security at IEEE PAINE Conference


Staff member
proteanTecs to showcase advanced authentication and counterfeit detection solutions based on chip telemetry

HAIFA, Israel, Oct. 24, 2022 – proteanTecs, a global leader of deep data analytics for electronics health and performance monitoring, will highlight emerging solutions in the field of supply chain and in-field security at the upcoming IEEE International Conference on Physical Assurance and Inspection of Electronics (PAINE). From Oct. 25-27 in Huntsville, Alabama, the PAINE conference will bring together researchers, practitioners and government personnel for a productive dialogue around hardware security and trust. Company experts will speak in a panel discussion and hold strategic meetings during the show.


At the IEEE PAINE 2022 conference, proteanTecs will discuss the future of physical assurance and supply chain security.

The focus on physical assurance and the inspection of electronics has grown significantly, and this momentum will build in the coming years as companies and government systems work to address supply chain security and mitigate risk with strict countermeasures. A thought-provoking panel discussion moderated by Dr. Waleed Khalil of Ohio State University and titled, “The Future of PAINE: The Next Decade of Physical Assurance” will feature proteanTecs' senior director of business development, Nir Sever, alongside experts from the Air Force Research Laboratory, Battelle Memorial Institute and Riscure. Questions will center around the biggest technical and business challenges and opportunities for the next decade. This session will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 25 from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. To attend, register here.

For aeronautics and defense, military, government, and critical infrastructure applications, proteanTecs’ unique deep data analytics solutions enable a zero trust supply chain with secure lifetime operation and counterfeit detection and prevention. proteanTecs’ Supply Chain Security module calculates and assigns a unique IC signature, providing authentication and monitoring throughout electronic systems’ full lifecycle. This embedded signature empowers manufacturers and customers to track and secure each device from production line to in-field operation, and assure its authenticity, performance, health and integrity.

proteanTecs technical experts will be attending the PAINE 2022 conference to meet with strategic customers and prospects. To schedule a meeting, email

About proteanTecs

proteanTecs is a leading provider of deep data monitoring solutions for advanced electronics in the Datacenter, Automotive, Communications and Mobile markets. Based on Universal Chip Telemetry™ (UCT), the company provides system health and performance monitoring, from production to the field. By applying machine learning to novel data created by on-chip UCT agents, the company's analytics platform delivers predictive insights and visibility, leading to new levels of quality, reliability and scale. Founded in 2017, the company is headquartered in Israel with offices in the U.S., India and Taiwan. For more information, visit:

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