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Platforms to Revolutionize our Interfacing the World, even the Coronavirus?

Arthur Hanson

Active member
It looks like platforms of many types are going to revolutionize large sections of education and training in the near future. Building a platform is far, far more efficient that traditional education and enables the best and the brightest to leverage their skill sets by factors of thousands to millions. Platform building will be come a skill set in itself and platform builders will work with a wide range of professionals to leverage their skill sets into platforms. This will dramatically change the face of education and the workforce. Already the smart phone has become a universal tool for automating many of the functions of everyday life and more and more our professional lives. Many professions will suffer the same fate as the file clerk of old. Just as word processing programs eliminated much of the work of secretaries bypassing them' the same will be true of a multitude of existing platforms and those yet to come. Profit from automating tasks from engineering to medical is already starting to take place and greatly leveraging resources and profits. Below is just one example of the coming trend that will accelerate at a compounding rate. Compounding is the most powerful force in the real and economic world and ever more sophisticated semis in memory, processing, communications and sensors will accelerate this even farther and faster. Most of this will go to a SAS model and that will accelerate this trend even faster. This is happening so fast we could even see a platform or platforms built for dealing with the coronavirus. Platforms can now be built as speeds not even dreamed of a few years ago. I see high speed building and modifying existing platforms to new challenges to become a field in and of itself. Below is but one example of this trend. Building a platform/s for dealing with various aspects of the coronavirus might be a way of greatly mitigating and lowing the cost of the damage it's creating. Already some platforms for dealing with it are being built. I see no reason why a few wearables and a smartphone could be set up for early warning signs of infection in helping prevent the spread of this virus which has already caused 1.7 trillion in damage to just the financial markets and thousands of lives. Disease tracking could easily become a built in app combined with wearables in every smart phone. But we have to be aware of the Big Brother complications.

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