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NXP to buy Marvell's WiFi, Bluetooth business for $1.76 billion


EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands, May 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) announces today that its wholly owned subsidiary has entered into a definitive agreement with Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) under which NXP will acquire Marvell’s Wireless Connectivity portfolio in an all-cash, asset transaction valued at $1.76 billion. The acquisition encompasses Marvell’s WiFi Connectivity Business Unit, Bluetooth technology portfolio and related assets.

...subject to ... regulatory approvals.

"Marvell anticipates that this divestiture will enhance its gross and operating margins upon closing "

So, it seems, $1.76B goes from NXP to Marvell, of which $650M goes to GloFo:

This means, Marvell shifts focus from WiFi / Bluetooth chips to ASIC design, I'd guess?


New member
If you`d ask NXP, I´d bet they would say something like "IoT". NXP has a Long Standing history with security-hardened micro controllers for payment applications.
My best guess on the synergy therefore is to provide a full connetivity solution for wireless IoT: Owning the root-of-trust within the security controller and providing credentials to the outside world via arbitrary wireless interfaces.