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NVM and MRAM available in 16nm and below


New member
I would like to know the options available for NVM (flash, EEPROM, etc.) and MRAMs (magnetic RAMs) at node sizes 16nm and below at different foundries such as Intel, Global, TSMC, etc. Thanks.

Fred Chen

The endurance of STT-MRAM has often been exaggerated, and the temperature dependence of read and write operations is nontrivial. There is also contact resistance.

I know ReRAM can be another option, but each foundry could have a different offering.
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Fred Chen

Interesting twist: MgO (the key layer of STT-MRAM) can also be a ReRAM.

Moreover, accumulated write pulse time can increase the probability of breakdown:
Reduced current STT endurance.png

More discussion here: Breakdown-Limited Write Time Windows for STT-MRAM