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Nvidia to build Britain's largest Supercomputer

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
Nvidia building a supercomputer is business as usual. Nvidia building a supercomputer in Cambridge is to appease the UK. Softbank "pledged" to hire a bunch of people in the UK after the Arm acquisition, right? Not sure if they did but I would not bet against Jensen, he seems to be a man of his word.

Softbank leaking that they may spin Arm out and take it public was clearly a head fake to get acquired. One of the oldest tricks in the book and I fell for it.

Even so, if I had my choice between Softbank owning Arm and Nvidia I would choose Nvidia, hands down. Jensen Huang is my favorite semiconductor CEO, brilliant, brash, charitable, and a dedicated family man. Expect big and unexpected things from this acquisition, absolutely.

By the way, in my opinion the loser in this acquisition is AMD. Any guesses as to why?