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Nvidia, the AI King? The Game Changer of Everything, Untold opportunity and danger

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Will Nvidia with its technology dominate AI and will they be able to keep up and hold the lead? It looks like Nvidia will maybe become one of the greatest disruptors in human history. It looks like the new AI/ML models will disrupt everything from business to science to social and even governments. AI/ML looks to disrupt everything for it can bring expertise at an unheard of and uncontemplated rate. This has the power to disrupt our current education, government and business models on a massive scale in an almost unbelievable short period of time. The people, organizations and governments that learn how to levrage this massive power for their constituents will win through massive efficiency and speed in just about everything. When applied to automation and robotics in everything we won't recognize the world we used to live in. Any thoughts, comments or extensions sought and welcome for I know of no better place foe this discussion that SemiWiki for like any massive power, if abused can pose as much danger as progress.
Like every industry, leadership is temporary.
NVIDIA has built a strength in constructing massively complex logic engines that are built on the assumption of symmetrical / linear logic processing.
How is Nvidia the greatest disrupter in human history? AI runs on other platforms....
There will be a day when Asymmetrical parallel data processing will hollow out Nvidia's solutions and show them to be too complex and overwrought.

That said - Nvidia provides a platform for facilitating AI - what's with the hyperbole of claiming that governments and people should now worry about Nvidia?