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Nvidia beats Intel, Samsung, TSMC to become biggest chip brand

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
Nvidia Office Logo

Nvidia just beat Intel, Samsung, and TSMC to become the most profitable semiconductor chip brand in the world. Coming from fourth place in Q1 2023, the GPU designer became the biggest semiconductor firm in Q3 2023 on the shoulders of the ongoing Generative AI boom.

Taipei-based financial analyst Dan Nystedt has collated financial results from Intel, Nvidia, Samsung Semiconductor, and TSMC for all the quarters since Q1 2021, and the figures show that Nvidia trumped all others to become the most profitable chip company in the world. Nvidia's revenue for the third quarter of this year was a whopping $18.12 billion, while its profit was $10.42 billion. That's a 206% year-over-year increase, and most of this profit comes from AI chips for data centers.

Samsung Semiconductor Nvidia Intel TSMC Profit Q3 2023

In comparison, TSMC, the world's biggest contract chip manufacturer, generated revenue of $17.28 billion and a profit of $7.21 billion. Intel's Q3 2023 revenue was $14.16 billion, but it faced losses of $8 million. Samsung Semiconductor, Samsung's chip designing and manufacturing arm, had a revenue of $12.52 billion in the third quarter of 2023, but its losses ballooned to $2.86 billion.

Samsung is the world's biggest memory chip maker, but it is facing tough times as the prices of memory chips have fallen, and clients have been acting cautious over the past couple of years. However, the demand for memory chips is bound to increase in the coming quarters. Samsung has also invested a lot of money to improve its chip fabrication technology. It is expected to get contracts to make some of the chips from AMD and Qualcomm.